The BEST Fitness Social Media Accounts to Follow Now

What you consume on social media matters almost as much as what you consume in the kitchen, if not more! The following accounts will keep your timeline healthy, balanced, and positive!

First up we have my girl Whitney Simmons. With a massive Instagram and YouTube following because of her killer workouts, strength focused approach, yummy and easy meal ideas and overall goofy personality, this girl is a must follow!

Next up is the queen of relatable content. She is funny as hell and keeps it real with her out loud gym thoughts. Not to mention she has got a killer bod and some serious strength! Go follow my girl Courtney Sarracino for both the gains and the giggles.

Want more healthy recipes with your fitness content? Juli Bauer over at PaleOMG is a great balance of amazing workouts, yummy recipes, and just a bit of sass.

Last but not least…. me!! That is, if you don’t already 😉

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